Live and enjoy your retirment to the fullest

Retirement is the final phase of life. In fact, it is every day of your post-working life and can be very short. This is why life in retirement should be lived to the fullest and should be enjoyed to the fullest. It should be lived with certainty and flexibility but the only way to do so is by being financially stable during your retirement. With the right support, advice and guidance, you can obtain the financially stability that is needed to finance any retirement activity, thus allowing you to truly enjoy your retirement.

 We at The Oxford Atheists provide free, unbiased and quality support, advice and guidance to those who are about to retire or those who have already retired so that they can be financially stable to live every day of the rest of their life to the fullest.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you develop a plan to help you get more from your finances by offering personal advice tailored to your own unique situation making your dreams become a reality.


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide financial advice and support to retirees, securing your financial position during retirement and providing you with peace of mind and all opportunities to truly enjoy your life to the fullest.

How The Oxford Atheists Contributes

In order to truly live your life to the fullest, you need to go the the places that you have always wanted to go to and do the things that you have always wanted to do.  We offer advice on the perfect places that would be perfect for you to go to and on different things that you can do as a retiree. We also organize many fun events that you can partake in with other retirees. Are you wondering how you will finance the trips to the places that you want to go, the things that you want to do and the events that you want to partake in? How can you life your life to the fullest in retirement? The answer is simple, equity release. Equity release refers to the various ways in which you can use your home to generate income during your retirement to finance the additional things that you would like to do in your retirement.

Equity release is only available to those who:

Aare over 55 year. Own their own home.
Have no dependents living with them. Have little or no mortgage on their property.
Have a property with a certain value and is in reasonable condition.  

One life………Make the most of it

You only have one life! You need to make the most of it, especially when you are in the final phase of it. The real wealth of life is not being rich but it is about making the most out of your life and living it to the fullest. We at The Oxford Atheists will help you to make the most of your life  by helping you to decide what you want to achieve in your retirement and to provide you with the financial tools, tips and advice that is needed to help you achieve your goals in retirement. Finances play an important role in reaching those goals. This is where we can help you, so fill in the form on our website and get in touch with us so that we can help you arrange the finances needed for you to make the most of your life.

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Below are the testimonials of some of our satisfied clients!

My husband and I recently partook in a bike riding event organized by The Oxford Atheists. It was such a great event. We had so much fun and we also made some really great friendships.
Jennifer C. Payne

With the help of The Oxford Atheists, my wife and I were finally able to take that vacation that we have been dreaming about our entire lives. Their staff helped us to choose the perfect holiday destination and arranged everything that we needed to make our trip spectacular.
Rickey L. Watkins

I am so grateful to the staff of The Oxford Atheists who did such a great job at explaining the concept of equity release to me and showed how this concept could make a difference in my life. I am truly living my life to the fullest with the extra income.
Martha J. Wall